Translation services

We give communication a new value through accurate translations.

Technical texts translation services.

We undertake translation of texts with a high level of specialization, such as technical articles, written reports, specification documents, diagrams/blueprints etc.

You can’t translate texts that have a lot of specialized vocabulary with a digital translator.

We at HayatoTech offer you accurate translations based on rich knowledge and experience.

Store oriented translation services

Wouldn’t you like to show your products and services in a foreign language?

At HayatoTech we offer translation services for stores where foreign customers come such as restaurants, souvenir shops etc.

We let customers know the appeal of your store through clear words that native speakers are familiar with.

Also, we deal with making and translating guiding and shopping sites meant for foreigners to read.

We can also create websites that are supported on mobile.

Besides all of that, we deal with all kinds of cases, so please feel free to ask us for consultation and estimations.