Software business

High quality software resulting from flexible thinking.
Since the world of IT is evolving moment by moment,HayatoTech offers you software using the latest technology, charging an additional cost.

Wouldn't you like to make your business operations more efficient?

We at HayatoTech, undertake development requests for a variety of software that make our costumers’ business operations more efficient. Our company’s original applications can simplify troublesome operations and daily labor, and also can deal with complex situations that can’t be dealt with by software available on the market.

We also offer total solutions through networks connected with various apps or through LINE BOT, so we are glad to help with our customers’ increase in revenue as well.

Please don’t refrain to consult us about after development customization as well. HayatoTech offers you software with the best features adjusted for your budget .

Software development


Giving a shape to “If only I could …”!

Starting with making business or studying more efficiently, up to making your life/leisure fulfilling, at the moment there really is a variety of software and applications, so many that even if you said that the society wouldn’t be able to keep on going without them, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

Our company of course works with front end that our users can directly interact with, but can also deal with software and smartphone apps that run based on back end, covering a wide selection of services.

Definitely let us hear your ”If only I could do this kind of thing”.

Reduce the costs by communicating smoothly.

At our company, if one of our customers has a really specific image of the software in their mind, we recommend that in addition to sharing the text with us, they draw a diagram using Excel or Google sheets or some other tools and present it to us.

By letting us know concretely what your plan/vision is in the early stages of the project, we are able to develop software faster and at a lower cost.

Also, by using tools we are accustomed with such as Skype, LINE or Slack for communication, we can exchange minute information and reduce the costs.

Building a fast and secure developing environment!

Things needed besides technology when developing software.
Those things are speed and preserving information.

Our company worked towards increasing the speed of development through the use of cloud, and by implementing features like Proxy authentication and VPN we were able to prepare a secure developing environment.

Through actively updating to the latest technology, we of course improve swift and flexible software and systems, but we also handle various demands such as customization with perfect order.

Being easy to use is a given!
Please leave making your operations more efficient and automatizing them to HayatoTech!


We offer useful operation systems that contribute to the expansion of our customers’ businesses

【Production example】The evolution of a customer management system to a shopping site.

Our company helped a business get started from the point when we built a customer management system and a comparatively small scale system on the Web.

The technology we implemented for the security at that time was Proxy and VPN.

After that, we extended the range of the business to a shopping website connected with our customer management system, and then we even developed an advertisement system through the LINE BOT and a product handling system.

For the call center oriented system, we connected it to a SIP server, built a system that turns voice into text, and we achieved a substantial increase in the efficiency of the operations.


【In development】Creating a language study app

We are currently developing an app in collaboration which allows users to study every single language.

At this point, the app is for foreigners who want to learn Japanese, but after the next update, we will make it so that Japanese people can use it to learn all foreign languages by being placed in different situations.

Also in this language study app, for our choice of buttons, we plan on utilizing something that is trending nowadays, namely voice recognition.


Main skills/techniques HayatoTech uses

The main skills/techniques that HayatoTech uses are as following:

GCP(Google Cloud Platform), AWS(Amazon Web Services), Flutter, Dart, Go, PHP, Python, C, C++, Swift, Java, SQL, Bootstrap,  Node.js, Nuxt.js, Vue.js, Flask, Tornado, Django, Laravel.


(1)Planning We ask about our customer’s worries regarding his/her business and about his/her desires and problems regarding the system or service, we extract the assignment and we analyze it, then we start thinking about the most suitable solution plan.
(2)Defining the requirements We look at our customer’s business and present system, then we decide on the resources and functions needed.
(3)Designing We define the interface of the outside system, then we plan the definition of the database and functional specifications of the mails, screens, reports etc. If needed, we divide the process into parts such as baseline design and detailed design and then we think about implementing them at the needed granularity.
(4)Programming We implement the functions needed for the system or business by using programming languages.
Also, while building the test environment needed for the programming and deployment, we perform an unit test as needed, then we search for bugs and fix them.
(5)Testing We test the system both from the operator and the user’s point of view.
Also, we have actual users use some users actually use the system, then we have them evaluate its performance.
(6)Releasing The needed procedures finish, and if our customer thinks we are good to go, we launch the system.
(7)Maintenance & management We do maintenance work so that the system can be used continuously. Depending on the case, we can move forward to improving and reviewing the operations.
We accept management-only requests too.

We will carefully listen to our customers’ requests, and develop software and systems with focusing on the future.
Please feel free to ask for any advice or estimation!