Manufacturing business

A manufacture that treasures your thoughts.
Ideas, industrial science and flexibility are our strong points. Through a partnership with our customers we turn rapid progress, excitement and fun into reality

We aim for a manufacturing that leaves a strong impression.

Please tell us about your ideas.

We help turning  your ideas into reality with our consistent support with planning, designing and producing.

We balance the planning inside the country with the production happening offshore, being advantageous in both cost and speed. We offer circuit board manufacturing up to as complex as 20 layers. The means of making your thoughts a reality are not just one.  We give you the best suggestions while making good use of manufacturing , software and all kinds of advantages.

We offer services starting from 1 set even if it has few lots.

If you want to give a shape to a little weird, wild ideas, and not to large scale standardized ones,  please leave it to us!
We help you with planning ideas that you don’t really know if they are realizable or not. Re-examinating after we make the product is also our job. Let’s repeat a process of prototyping and testing, starting from 1 set, even with few lots. Flexibility is our forte. For starters please let us hear your ideas!

We offer support for materializing your ideas at a low cost.

One hurdle present when it comes to manufacturing is the cost. To build something material, it takes a lot of work and time. But that was in the past, for in the present there are many resources that allow us to make our manufacturing possible at a low cost, starting from Raspberry Pi and its incident various components, to the sole manufacture that uses 3D printing.  We, for instance, totally  support your ideas until they are materialized, by developing  predefined software with Raspberry Pi as their foundation , or by designing/producing PCB circuit boards in collaboration with a specialized foreign company.

We offer a high-quality manufacture.

There are really high standards regarding the demand of quality goods when it comes to manufacture. We are fixated on the quality of the goods too. As for the PCB circuit boards and the company that we entrusted their production to,  we made efforts in order to diminish their malfunctioning happening due to problems encountered either during the work process or during shipment, thus the degree of our customers’ satisfaction is above 99%. Also, we make efforts with further improving the quality of our software, so we promise perfection especially for important security measures. We are doing our best to continue a steady manufacture while providing flexibility when turning your thoughts into reality.

We give shape to our customers’ thoughts and ideas using our technical abilities and high-quality goods.

【Production example】– A wearable drum that uses an acceleration sensor.

A life when you are anytime, anywhere surrounded by rhythm. We are currently developing a wearable drum overflowing with childfulness. Why a wearable drum? The reason is simple, it’s because “It seems fun”. Wearing a drum, being able to perform wherever you are, such new experiences hide the possibility of once again giving birth to new content. The environment needed so that we can make our manufacture interesting is ready.

The service step-by-step (example)

(1)Materialization of the idea We listen to your social context and business related tasks and then we give shape to the idea you want to make into reality. There are times when we do some brainstorming to enhance your ideas.
(2)Planning We make the overall perspective clear and we put the tasks, setting and solving procedures in order. We create the functionality so that we get closer to the requirements.
(3)Defining the requisites We define the requisites needed for hardware, software. We adjust to our objective and we define some requisites so that we can narrow down the functionality we need to achieve our goals efficiently.
(4)Designing the software We perform the concrete design of the software part corresponding to our requisite.
(5)Designing the hardware We choose the appropriate partner and we perform the concrete hardware design. We take into account the costs and the appointed day and then we design the hardware so that we can efficiently achieve our goals.
(6)Producing the hardware We produce the hardware. We produce the lots accordingly to the first objective and as early as possible.
(7)Producing & testing the software We test the functionality of the software. We check the functionality by using a test specifications paper we create according to the defined requisites.
(8)Combination test We perform a test combining the hardware and the software. Through the predefined soft, we check the reliability of the hardware behavior and the connection it has with the system, and then we make sure that we’ve cleared the first objective.
(9)Feedback We perform user tests and so on for the system and hardware that we’ve created, then we test the validity of the functionality and whether the users can accept it.
(10)Considering mass production We receive feedback and then we think about mass production. Depending on the feedback result, we decide if we continue to the mass production stage or instead perform tests again.