Machine department

Industrial vehicles, construction machinery, marketing of related products, buying used articles, intermediation, servicing, rental.

《A consultation business regarding new machines、used machines、commission when buying used machines、and others》

Main merchandise we handle

  1. Industrial vehicles
    Forklift trucks, electric forklift trucks, harbor cargo handling vehicles, skid loaders, small sized related equipment.
  2. Construction machinery
    Wheel loaders, excavators, bulldozers, road rollers, graders, power generators, compressors, small sized related equipment.
  3. Machines for agriculture and farmin
    Tractors, compost-processing machines, compost-spreading machines, manure-spreading machines, original machines for harvesting, small sized related equipment.

Business policy

  1. Direct selling for customers inside the country
    We do marketing directly and actively with customers no matter how far away they are, but for the delivery, in order to be able to exert our abilities well enough and for the happiness of our customers, we will interview and ask you questions through phone, internet, photos etc. and we will have to thoroughly inspect the operation, schedule, actual place and environment.
  2. For stores inside the country
    Usually, we will hand over the products in their present state. Please verify this. We start with the premise that you can handle the servicing and maintenance after the delivery is over.
  3. For merchants who are abroad
    We will hand over the products to you in their present state at a local harbor. If we hand over the products at a central harbor, we will consult you for a separate estimation.

Policy for buying used articles

Speed handling! Precise handling! Handling with whole-hearted devotion!

We will communicate the price we buy used machines at after about one week after we examine them.
We will pay for the machines through bank transaction after we are given a legitimate invoice (if you don’t have one we will have you sign an invoice paper we prepare at our company).
When the owner is uncertain or we cannot identify him/her, we cannot buy the goods

*For those who are far away, if you give us photos and information through e-mail, we will respond immediately .

Handling goods

on-the-spot principle

フルフリー3段式高マスト発酵牧草の配餌装置(特注品) 好視界ヒンジドフオークフリージア畑タイヤブレード高温・多湿・粉塵・防錆の対策仕様天井の低い牛舎に対応仕様

We want to cover so far as every little corner of isolated islands.

Tokara Archipelago (Toshima)

Getting an accurate grasp of the job

Foxtail millet meter

Engine rotation

For the sake of assessing a high buy back value to our customers' dear machines.