Hayato Tech is a total support IT business which makes the world bountiful with its systems.

Do you have troubles with the system part of your company?
Do you need computer maintenance or support?
Our company was established in 2015 as an IT total support venture business, having its roots locally, with Kagoshima as its center.
If you have any question regarding IT, please feel free to ask.

Corporate vision

Treasuring each and every idea and making the world interesting

-Treasuring your unique ideas if you are young and your knowledge if you are a senior.
-If you are a client, we search for the best way while respecting your point of view.
-If you are an engineer, always treasure your playfulness.

Company name Hayato Tech, Inc.
Location IT development department 3135-6, Hiramatsu, Aira, Kagoshima, 899-5652
Machine department 5962-10, Hiramatsu,Aira,Kagoshima,899-5652
Establishment March, 2015
Representative director Hirokazu Matsubase
Business details
  • software development
  • electrical appliances and robot design
  • website creation
  • IT consulting
  • System maintenance operations
  • Repair, support and consultation regarding PC related equipment
  • Marketing electronic parts
  • Marketing computers and computer parts
Phone Number IT development department +81-995-70-1401