Searching for a collaborating company/Recruiting

Searching for a collaborating company /Recruiting.

At HayatoTech we recruit business partners that are willing to help us with the domains of software development, circuit design, and predefined software development.

This is not limited to only companies, therefore freelancers are also welcome.

Remote work is also possible in some cases.

※This is just for the persons that are able to communicate in either Japanese or English. (We will make the conferences on apps like Slack so if you are able to read and write it’s ok.)

If you are a technician, we also accept consulting about making a business together under the motto “Treasure playfulness!”, so please feel free to contact us.


Entrusted development

Are you having trouble not having enough workers?
We are glad to help you with such necessities.

We accept work remotely, but if you are in  Kagoshima, Aira or Kirishima, we can also go directly to your company if necessary.

(For other regions and even outside the prefecture, it might also be possible depending on the conditions)

【Development examples】

  • Government and municipal offices oriented systems
  • PC tutoring app for schools.
  • A health app for smartphone.